Our Story

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In 2005, we arrived in Houston from New York with the idea of establishing our own business. It would be the beginning of the Gran Colombia Restaurant, which by that time also belonged to our family.

As time passes, each of the partners took a different direction, which allowed Heriberto, Liliana and Andres to remain the sole owners of the restaurant. Since then, it has been a major challenge to take charge and run the business; however, the satisfaction of our customers and knowing that we help the support of many other families, drives us to give the best of us every day.

Since our beginnings, we have wanted to bring our customers the best flavor of the typical Colombian food, in the best family atmosphere, with the best quality and the best price. We can only express our deep gratitude to all our customers, employees, family and friends who have supported and believed in us during the past twelve years.

In August of 2017, due to the natural phenomenon Hurricane Harvey, we were affected as well as other families in the area, so we had the need to relocate our physical space. After four long months of searching, we finally found the appropriate place that would allow us to continue serving and pleasing the loyal clientele of Gran Colombia Restaurant. Grateful and fortunate to have again most of our former staff, we will go ahead to remain the great family we are.

We are very happy to make a home in a foreign land and we are looking forward to seeing you there!